Is It Time You Got to the Root Cause 
of Your Chronic Inflammation?

Stop guessing and start on the road to recovery...

Is your chronic condition simply a stroke of bad luck? Or could it be the doorway to something beyond what you can imagine? How you answer this question has profound implications for how you approach the healing process. That approach has everything to do with how well you heal. 

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Is this Guaranteed to Work?

As much as anything is guaranteed in this life. But think about that question. If your child fell down a well, would you do nothing to save them unless it was "guaranteed" to work? Of course not. As a loving, responsible parent, you would devote every ounce of intelligence, strength and resources you had to pull them out.

Why is this situation any different? Granted, it may not be as urgent, but it's no less critical. It's funny how our sense of time messes with our sense of importance. That's just one of countless "quirks" in the way our minds work. 

The good news is that we can build a "fail safe" mechanism into how we go about the healing process. One that accounts for, and ultimately converts these "quirks" of human nature into rocket fuel. That's because they're not permanent conditions, just signs we haven't got everything tuned up yet...

​An Approach to Healing that ​Works Like Life...

  • 1
    ​​Expert Knowledge Combined with a Groundbreaking Method for Solving Problems
    ​Information is essential but not sufficient. You need a method for evaluating and applying that information in a way that is accurate and right for your particular situation.
  • 2
    See the "Big Picture" along with the Details
    "Context is everything" and that's certainly true of the healing process. You'll discover how every aspect of who you are plays an essential role in your recovery. 
  • 3
    ​Never be at the Mercy of "the System" Again...
    ​It's your (or your loved one's) life that's at stake here. Ignorance and fear about your options leaves you dependent on a system designed for ignorant and fearful people. Is that "good enough" for you?
  • 4
    ​Save Years of Trial and Error 
    ​Taking an intelligent and structured approach to understanding your condition as opposed to a​ scattershot one can save years of unnecessary suffering, time and expense.

A Two Step Action Plan
Vital knowledge combined with an unstoppable method for success...

​​Why Inflammation?

​Interview Recordings

​Over 30 (and counting) in-depth interviews with leading doctors and specialists. ​​A full context approach to solving your condition.

Click the button for a video overview of speakers and topics.

​​Shake Out Your Mind Sugar

​Interactive Training

​Advanced method for uncovering and breaking through the hidden blocks that keep you from a life of full, vibrant health and well being.

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Correcting a Fundamental Error in How We Approach Healing

Accurate information is essential. So are qualified and competent practitioners. We're bringing you a huge amount of both. Just finding one or two "nuggets" would be well worth the price. But leaving it at that is selling yourself short. A life of vibrant health and well-being requires more. Our goal is for you to master the healing journey.

Mastery is not just absorbing a lot of information. It's about the "how" more than the "what." How do I figure out what to do? How do I learn who to trust? How do I stay the course when the people in my life don't understand or support me?

How do I know what is true?

Mastery is developing a process for breaking through limitations. Finding a method that unwinds the madness of modern life. A reliable way to navigate through uncharted territory. 

Is your chronic condition something that just "happened" to you, or is it a flashing red light telling you there's something missing in the way you are living? Which outlook is more empowering? Which offers a way forward?

There's nothing wrong with you. We all get these "messages" along the way. It's how life works. How could it be otherwise? We can chuckle at small children as they go through this. Pull out our hair with teenagers. But we eventually "settle in" to everyday life, forgetting that the process never ends. Until we get the wake up call...

The Flipside of the Healing Journey

  • 1
    Going "Big" as Opposed to "Playing Small"
    Natural inclination is to draw in, hunker down, and protect when you aren't well. That's survival instinct, and usually what your body needs. Slow down, rest, recover. But your mind needs to expand, not contract. 
  • 2
    Get Out of the Tunnel Vision...
    Focus is great when you know what you need. But what about when you don't? Shifting your focus from finding "the answer" to doing what you know you can do right now is a game changer.
  • 3
    Do what's Best, not what's Expected...
    Well meaning but fear-based "peer pressure" from friends, family, and loved ones can be overpowering. Learn where that comes from and how to diffuse it lovingly while standing your ground.
  • 4
    Build an Unshakeable Foundation... 
    There's no substitute for understanding your own body and how it heals. Knowing your options, and how to evaluate advice from specialists allows you to work with them constructively. 

A Practical Foundation for Everyone
A comprehensive approach that will serve you the rest of your life...

Lifetime access to interviews and training in streaming video and downloadable mp3 audio format.

Beginner guides and tools to provide a good foundation no matter your current level of understanding.

Valuable coupons and savings on products, services and programs to make your investment effectively free.


About ​our Experts

​We've chosen top specialists who advocate a contextual or "biological terrain" based approach to health. N​ot all of them agree on everything, of course. But we've carefully selected each one to speak on a topic that​ rounds out the "big picture." Each session builds on and connects with the others in a way that will expand your understanding naturally and organically. It's nothing like "school."

​The workshop is designed ​​using advanced principles of accelerated learning, which (surprisingly or not) mirror those of health and well being. Learning is contextual, and happens effortlessly given the right conditions. It's based on asking the right questions, because the answers you get depend on the questions you ask.

​If you're ready to master the healing journey, you're in the right place.

Save in Multiple Ways...

Save Time with Accurate and Accessible Information

There's no substitute for building a foundation of understanding based on accurate and reliable information. Trying to "save time" by skipping this step is a recipe for failure, like playing the lottery to get rich. The real time savings is already accomplished, by having this information pre-screened and ready for you to dive into.

Save Money by Avoiding Dead Ends and Detours

Recovering your health can be expensive, in terms of time, money, and energy spent trying to find solutions. How much have you wasted following rabbit trails promoted by the latest fad or well-meant suggestion? Like buying lottery tickets, it can only lead to disillusionment and disappointment in the long run.

Save Your Life (or that of a Loved One)...

Building a strong foundation of understanding about your health and well-being has a compound effect. It not only improves your quality of life, but gives you confidence to handle whatever may arise. 

Basic Access Pass


In effect, we're asking you to base your decision on the quality of the interviews alone. On what you hear over the free ten day event. You've got plenty of time to make the decision.

We're not going to hype them or build up the value to some ridiculous level. They're either valuable to you or not. If we have to convince you, there's not much likelihood of you following through with the program.

The real commitment is valuing yourself enough to take the time to stick with the process.

But That's Not All...

We've lined up additional savings for our members by providing coupons for select products and services. You'll have access to several hundred dollars worth of real savings on quality offerings that we've negotiated with vendors and specialists who are in alignment with our message. 

While not everything will be of interest to you, it's likely you will easily recoup more than the cost of your investment in this program. We're constantly on the lookout for new and interesting things that help people live healthier lives, and you'll reap the benefit of those efforts.

Is This Workshop Right for You?

Who is this for

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    People with challenging inflammatory conditions who aren't getting better.
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    ​Practitioners who know they don't have all the answers and don't want to be limited by that.
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    ​Friends, family, and loved ones of people suffering health challenges who want to support them.
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    Healthy people who want to stay that way and not put that responsibility in someone else's hands.

Who is this not for

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    People chasing quick fixes, "magic pills" and unicorns.
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    ​People who desperately hop from one "solution" to the next and complain when "nothing works."
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    People who don't want their "Pity Party" pooped.
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    People too "busy" to invest time and effort because they have other priorities.
​Our No-Refunds Policy

​Due to the nature of this program, there is a no return policy. We do guarantee that​ the material will be accessible via current level computer and mobile devices with high speed internet access. We provide ample free access to a good portion of the material, enough for you to determine if it is of sufficient value.  We do not nor cannot promise any specific outcomes or results, as that is ​dependent on too many factors beyond our control. Expecting such goes against the fundamental ideas presented here. This is an educational program, ​and you must be willing to make a long-term commitment to engaging with it to receive maximum benefit. ​See our Terms ​& Conditions and Returns/Refunds Policy pages.


Special Bonuses

Your purchase includes the following additional resources


O​ngoing Updates

There is always more to add to this complex topic. We want to build as complete a resource as possible. As we keep discovering excellent specialists we'll add more interviews.


​Beginner Guides and Resources

New to holistic health? Don't worry, you won't be left behind. You'll find several beginners guides on various topics as well as other useful tools to help you get and stay on track.

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Basic Workshop

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    30+ Interviews
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    Shake Out Your Mind Sugar training program
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    Coupons & Resource Guides
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    Lifetime access with on-demand video and audio


Practitioner Workshop

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    30+ Interviews
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    Shake Out Your Mind Sugar training program
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    Coupons & Resource Guides
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    Lifetime access with on-demand video and audio
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    Creating a Why Inflammation? Practice 


Optional Add-on

Do you have pets? During checkout you'll see an option to add our special interviews with top holistic veterinarians. This is not available separately, as it builds on the base content in the program.

Why Inflammation? for Pets

Inflammation also affects our animal friends. We've done interviews with three of the leading holistic veterinarians in the US, who provide a wealth of insight into inflammatory conditions in animals. It builds on the basic program. Featuring Doctors P.J. Broadfoot, Marlene Siegel, and Carvel Tiekert.




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Master Your Healing Journey

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