Special Note on Participant Promotion

What's the biggest obstacle to solving a chronic condition? Failure to take responsibility, lack of awareness of available options, or looking for the "magic pill" or "quick fix?"

All of these are symptoms of the modern world, with our fractured, chaotic and harried lifestyles leaving us little time to breathe, much less think. Such a state locks us out from finding real answers before we begin.

The Why Inflammation? program is consciously designed to tackle these core obstacles by expanding the range of awareness of what is available, and shattering the "magic pill" illusion by demonstrating that healing is contextual, not linear. These insights empower the individual to take responsibility for their own healing journey.

Not everyone is ready for such a message. Maybe most never will be. But there is a segment out there literally dying for want of it. They're tired of choking on "magic pills" and desperate for something real. We have that here to offer them. The challenge is finding a way to connect with them.

The problem is that virtually all marketing is based on providing that "magic pill" or "quick fix." There's such an overwhelming amount of noise out there, how can people begin to separate the wheat from the chaff? It leads to wilder and more outrageous efforts just to be seen.

Not only do such methods turn off the people who've been burned a few times already, the fundamental contradiction involved sets them up for failure.

This challenge is why we've set up some "out of the box" ways for you to use and promote this program. It's why we're happy to do some customized promotions with you. We don't think that just sending it out as another "flavor of the day" type thing does it or you justice.

We know you're extremely busy, but if you can take just a little time to sample what's in the program (so far - there's more to come) you'll see the value it provides. Not only for reaching out to potential clients, but for educating your existing ones (and your staff members).

When you see the caliber of people and information provided, we hope you'll get an idea of the possibilities for it and similar ventures - and take a bow for being part of something exceptional!

This is a long range project, not something that will be out of date in six months. We're working on ways to extend it out into local clinics and other areas where people aren't getting the help they need.

Please contact Mike if you would like to discuss ways to tailor this program for your needs. You can learn more about the affiliate program here

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