Rediscovering Effortless Health and Well Being

​Mastering the Healing Journey

We've arranged the interviews and material under broad categories, but the topics are overlapping.

Duration 7m

How to get the most out of the program. Start here to see how it is structured.

Duration: 35m

How you approach your healing journey will make all the difference in the outcome you achieve.

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen

Why healing is not about finding a "magic pill"  or "getting fixed" but occurs in a unique context.

Multiple Speakers

Understanding the six stage process that leads from vibrant health to disease and back to health.

Dr. Thomas Levy

The great majority of diseases begin in the mouth. Learn about prevention and recovery from these issues.

Multiple Speakers

Body structural alignment, movement, breathing and opening up the body to get things moving.

Multiple Speakers

Stress, emotion and trauma are often at the root of disease and related issues, yet rarely recognized.

Multiple Speakers

The health of the gut is essential. Learn about how bacteria and parasites affect your health.

Multiple Speakers

The role of food and nutrition, along with supplements, as well as diets, fasting and related topics.

Multiple Speakers

An alternative, holistic approach to healing the whole person through natural means. 

Multiple Speakers

All water is not the same. Access to clean, structured, living water is essential to health.

Multiple Speakers

Taking care of your brain, mind, and body to maximize your quality of life and health.

Multiple Speakers

​​​Clearing toxins is a major part of our overall theme. Toxins are not only physical, but include EMF and more.

Multiple Speakers

Guidelines on what to ask your doctor or practitioner to test for when you go for a check up.

Multiple Speakers

Our pets and animals suffer most of the same ills as humans, and rely on us to keep them healthy.

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Shake Out Your Mind Sugar

This will be an ongoing program with content added regularly along with live and recorded webinars.

The first part of the program is found under the Creating a Framework section above.

Supplemental Material and Resources

Enjoy these small guides and additional resources to assist you in the process.

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Enjoy these small guides and additional resources to assist you in the process.

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