Event Overview

Here's how to get the most out of the workshop:

The Why Inflammation? workshop may not be what you're expecting. That's by design. It's about more than just information. We're suggesting a fundamentally different approach to the healing process.

Chronic inflammation is a complex issue, in large part because people are complicated. It's one thing to know what to eat, but why don't we do it? Or get enough sleep? Or stress each other out? Why do we hurt the ones we love? In order to get to the root of the problem, we have to put everything on the table. 

This is not about quick fixes, magic pills and unicorns. But we're all conditioned with the false belief that we'll know the answer when we see it. And that we should see it within some (fairly short) period of time. One of the most damaging lessons implicitly  taught in school is that we must have answers right now or we're in big trouble. It sets us up for failure in countless ways.

Life doesn't slow down and wait. We've got jobs, kids, mortgages - all adding to the pressure to get this handled as quickly as possible. But doing things the right way is always the shortest path, regardless of how it feels.

If you can stick with us over the next ten days, we promise you'll be closer to the answers you seek. 

Start with this short 6 minute video: The Healing Journey

Here's how the event will work:

Each day, for the next ten days, you'll receive an email with one or two interviews, about an hour in total length.  (You can watch or listen.. The important thing is to do it. Don't worry about taking notes or studying, just enjoy the presentation and see what strikes you.)

You'll have 24 hours to listen to each day's interviews.  (Note that the 24 hours starts from when you click the link in the email. If you know you don't have time to listen on a particular day, don't click the link until you are ready.)

If you miss an email, or can't find it (always check spam, and search for support@whyinflammation.com) just go to the previous day's email and click that link. Once the 24 hour window has expired, it should redirect to the next interview.

If you have trouble with the video or audio, there are tutorials for how to troubleshoot the problem on our Support Page. Please note that we can't help with individual computer issues or provide extra replays, etc. You will be provided with an opportunity to purchase permanent access to everything.

Homotoxicology: A Brief Overview

Get a head start by watching this brief 9 minute presentation on Homotoxicology.  This is a valuable concept that will make more sense as we move through the workshop. It features Adam and Josh Bigelsen, who will join their father Dr. Harvey Bigelsen for your first interview tomorrow.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will likely run across several new concepts that seem confusing or incomplete during these presentations. That's perfectly OK and normal. It's simply a sign that your brain is building new neural networks and making connections. It's a good thing, like muscle soreness when you start working out. 

If you feel uncomfortable or nervous when this feeling of confusion arises, take note and understand it comes from undue pressure early in childhood or school. Don't worry, there are no deadlines or tests here! (It's actually a positive that you've discovered an underlying stressor that ​leads to part of the solution you're seeking. We'll have more on that during the workshop.)

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