Affiliate Tools

The following are rebrandable PDF ebooks. These are used with the Standard Affiliate program (leading to our Opt-in page). Let us know of you would like a customized version of any of these tools.

The Inflammation Factor Explained is an introduction to a simple system for measuring how the foods one eats contribute to inflammation. It includes an introduction to the Why Inflammation? workshop.  There are several links to the program that can be turned into your affiliate link by simply entering your Thrive Cart User ID once. Push the blue button below to proceed. 

Target Audience

The Why Inflammation? program is targeted to people who are dealing with chronic conditions as well as practitioners. The biggest problem both encounter is the addiction to the "quick fix" or "magic pill" approach to health. That creates a challenge in marketing such a program, since most marketing is based on the promise of such a quick fix. 

The other challenge is that such people are found "everywhere" but not necessarily in any one place. It's a problem many people suffer in silence. They will be on various lists to learn more, but in most cases these will focus on one aspect of this multi-faceted problem.

Because of these challenges, we have attempted to create something that will support this underserved set of people in an ongoing way. We want our promotional partners to be able to use this in a way that "rounds out" their offerings as opposed to another quick hit to promote and move on to the next thing. As such, we're happy to work with you to find the best way to make that happen for you. 

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